Friday, July 16, 2010

Which vintage designers are you looking for?

I am off to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami this weekend, and it got me thinking.  I go to fashion shows at fashion week, and read magazines, and check out what celebrities are wearing to see what is going to be in style next, and who all the new hot designers are. Although some of these same trends apply to vintage since what is being created today is inevitably inspired by a past era, where do we go to figure out who the next hot vintage designer is going to be, or what labels we should start scooping up now, before they get too popular and too expensive?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What to wear to a summer wedding?

It's summer wedding season, so what do you wear?  We asked Robin Dunlap of Azure Event Productions is an event planning company specializing in high end events in South Florida, to give us some advise.

Style: Find out what the bridesmaids are wearing and follow a similar style (casual cocktail dresses, more formal gowns, etc) but be careful not to get too close to the same color.   Mimic the trends in wedding dresses, using lace in a new way (crumb catcher, belt), lots of pleats, and pockets.
Color:  Bold colors are totally in now.  Pastels are for the mothers.  Don't be afraid to wear that red dress or bright blue skirt.  Black is also acceptable.  Previously people shied away from wearing black.  You don't have to look like you are going to a funeral though.  Add color with fun shoes or a belt.  White/ivory/cream is still completely off limits!
Fabric: Stick with fabrics that mimic the season and setting.  A gauzy chiffon for a beachside affair or a more structured satin for a ballroom soiree.
Shoes: Think about bringing along cute flats that are more comfy when you want to kick off your heels on the dance floor.  Because bare feet are not in fashion
Hair: When thinking about hair styles, stay away from up-dos so you don't blend in with the bridal party.  Asymmetrical low buns or loose curls are definitely in.
Tip: Remember to bring a wrap.  Many places of worship still frown on bare shoulders.  And you'll want it when the AC is cranked up in the church or at the reception.
Guys can be fashionable too!  They will usually wear suits to a wedding but that doesn't mean they can't have fun with it.  Look at great standard linen or cotton suits that you can add a bit of color to.  A pocket square and vintage tie can really add some unique style and pull an outfit together.  A pop of color in the socks is always a fun surprise!
Now that you know what to wear, go to and start shopping.  Scroll down for added incentive.
For more info on Azure Event Productions visit:
 catherine-malandrino-chiffon-dress-1 lawrence-metallic-brocade-strapless-dress-1 chris-cole-navy-lace-white-80s-dress-1 laundry-pink-black-lace-strapless-dress-1 rebecca-taylor-chifon-butterfly-halter-dress-1 oleg-cassini-yellow-floral-1 nicole-miller-red-chiffon-dress-1 tracy-reese-pink-orange-strapless-dress-1 carlos-miele-pink-chiffon-dress-1pink-orange-chiffon-strapless-dress-4 gianni-versace-embroidered-dress-bead-trim-1 dvf-pale-chiffon-tiered-dress-4

Friday, July 02, 2010

Look chic this 4th of July!

Look chic this 4th of July

Check out what has to offer.
calypso-red-crinkle-silk-wrap-dress-11960s-sailor-dress-1 abeschrader-redwhiteblue-plaid-dress-5 galanos-blue-and-white-outfit-4adele-simpson-red-white-floral-suit-1 st-john-navy-knit-white-linen-collar-dress-1 geoffrey-beene-red-linen-dress-navy-trim-1 balenciaga-red-blue-silk-shirt-dress-1
An easy way to look festive with out looking silly in the 4th of July is to wear denim bottoms, a white top and some red jewelry, belt or other accent accessory.  Here are some options:
1950s-red-white-bead-necklace-1 red-white-blue-button-ear-clips-1 1960s-red-mary-janes-1 susan-bennis-warren-edwards-red-tie-up-heels-2 red-blue-silver-stripe-cufflinks-1magid-red-snake-skin-belt-1 red-leather-belt-with-gold-bow-1 red-patent-leather-belt-1 red-belt0white0top0stitching0-1 7-for-all-mankind-pencil-skirt-1 DSCF2479 DSCF2400 denim-ruffle-skirt-1 DSCF2415

Vintage ties and cufflinks, A man's way to show style!

Unfortunate for the fashion forward guys out there, men's work wardrobes have still remained relatively uncreative, inflexible, and pretty uniform, leaving the ties and accessories the only way to add color,  pizzaz, and show your good sense of style, and uniqueness.  Create a memorable look with a wide bold vintage tie worn short.  Stand out in a knit tie from the 1960s.  Add polish with retro cuff links that show you pay attention to every last detail.    How do you pull it off?  Keep all the other elements of you ensemble modern, and toned down.  That will show that you take your appearance seriously, and that this isn't a costume or mockery.  Before you know it, you'll be all the buzz in the office! 

 red-blue-silver-stripe-cufflinks-1 silver-rectangle-striped-cuff-links-1 marbelized-green-white-cufflinks-1 gold-knot-blue-cab-cufflinks-1
Long and skinny, short and wide, classic length.  Floral, geometric, retro... has over 200 ties to choose from!
liberty-red-aqua-cotton-tie-1 charvet-rainbow-stripe-tie-1 pucci-pink-blue-white-logo-tie-1 celine-navy-green-tie-1 ysl-green-logo-tie-1 armani-linen-tie-1
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