Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Adding layers makes sundresses autumn appropriate

You love your summer dresses and aren’t ready to put them away until next spring. Don’t worry. Here are a few easy tips from Sheffield MacIntyre, owner of, a vintage & designer clothing & accessories website that supplies unique items to celebrities, magazines, movies, and couture fashion houses, to transition those dresses into autumnal attire. The key is adding layers. You can incorporate any one of these tip, or all of them at once. Bonus: You can probably even do it with things you already have in your closet.

Wrap a scarf around your neck
Not only is it trendy, it is also functional. Covering up your neck creates the illusion of heavier clothing (even though you may not be adding that much), and reminds people of colder weather. While it is still warm add a thin silk scarf. As the weather changes, you can wear heavier ones. Wrap it around, and around, close to your neck. (Don’t wear it loosely draped tied in a knot like a flight attendant) This is also a great way to add some color to your outfit, or a create an interesting look with a contrasting pattern.

Add a blazer or jacket
A blazer in earth tones like brown, olive green, & mustard yellow, or heavier fabrics like corduroy and velvet, will easily make your dress fall appropriate, (and it will keep the chill away as the days get cooler). If your dress is loose and flowing like a tunic dress or a smock dress, add a structured jacket like a menswear-y blazer with stretch fabric so you don’t loose your shape. If you dress is more fitted, try a boxy or a trapeze jacket.

Wear a long sleeve blouse underneath

There are so many options here depending on the dress. It is a very current look since jumpers are so strong this season. If you are wearing a more structured dress, a silk blouse with long full sleeves and a tie neck, or ruffle is a way to give it the feminine touch. A button down, or oxford style shirt will make it more serious and sophisticated. Sometimes a contrasting neckline can be very interesting. If your dress has a scoop, or square neckline, add a shirt that has a ballerina neckline. Make sure the sleeves of your blouse are longer than those of your dress. If your dress is tank style, you can wear any length sleeves you want. Mutton, or big puffy sleeves are a fun way to modernize a tank style dress. A cashmere sweater also works to make it more cold weather appropriate.

Swap your sandals for boots or booties

Boots instantly make a dress more rugged and thus, autumnal. Wear them with out tights until the weather gets cold, allowing some skin to show between the top of the boot and the hem of your dress. 80s style booties are also a trendy choice, but are a bit funkier and more challenging to wear. For a more classic look go for equestrian style boots. They work with just about anything.

Just in case you do have to buy something new to winterize that sundress, has lots to offer at an affordable price.