Friday, January 19, 2007

Date Dresses: What to wear on Valentine's Day

A dress is definitely the uniform for a Valentine's Day date. There is just something more special, and more romantic about a dress, than there is about separates. Not that is has to be dressier or fancier, a dress just turns it into an occassion rather than just another night out...

So it is Valentine's Day right? You want to be feminine and pretty, but you also want to be sexy and romantic. The fabric you choose is very important in setting the mood of the date. You want a fabric that is soft and touchable. Velvet or chiffon are great choices. Brocade is not. Who wants to cuddle up to something scratchy? If you want something sparkely (maybe to catch his eye), choose something that has a sequin trim, or is only beaded in specific areas... areas that won't get in the way of affection.

Now, what should the cut of your dress be? You want it to be girly and sexy, but you don't want hoochie. Hopefully this is someone you care about, not a one night stand. The top and necklines of the dress are the most important part. More than likely you will be sitting across the table from that special someone, so most of the time he will only see the top of your dress.

V-necklines are always nice. Go as low as you are comfortable with the V. If you are not one to show a lot of decoletage, try a cross over neckline. It can be intreguing without exposing too much. Stay away from a high neckline. It comes off as prude. A cowl neck is a nice alternative. It is winter time so strapless or spaghetti straps might look like you are trying too hard (unless the dress is an obviously wintery fabirc like a soft tweed or knit). Chiffon straps are a better option, and add a soft feminine touch with out hiding too much. Shoulders and collar bones are a very appealing party of a woman's body, so don't cover them up.

Quicky fixes-
Feel like adding a little sex appeal? Ankle strap shoes are an easy and subtle way to vamp up your outfit.

Don't feel touchable? Add a cashmere shrug, or velvet blazer

Feel too exposed? Add a stole, and let it casually drape off your shoulders. It will be very sexy as it slips down your arm...

Feeling blah? Add a rhinestone brooch, or dangle earrings. (Leave your neck bare though, it is much more kissable that way). A brooch also makes a great hair piece.